Commit 1334d910 authored by Alan Mitchell's avatar Alan Mitchell

Fixed problem with blank Dashboard title.

parent a68174ba
......@@ -35,9 +35,16 @@ class Dashboard(basechart.BaseChart):
cur_row = []
cur_row_num = dash_item.row_number
# determine title for Dashboard item
if dash_item.title is not None and len(dash_item.title) > 0:
dash_title = dash_item.title
elif dash_item.sensor is not None:
dash_title = dash_item.sensor.sensor.title
dash_title = ''
new_widget = {'type': dash_item.widget_type,
'timeChartID': basechart.TIME_SERIES_CHART_ID,
'title': dash_item.title if len(dash_item.title) or (dash_item.sensor is None) else dash_item.sensor.sensor.title
'title': dash_title
if dash_item.sensor is not None:
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