Commit 3ebeca08 authored by Kyle Borash's avatar Kyle Borash

Remove map key deletion call when a timeseries chart contains more than

 20 sensors.

The default Plotly chart configuration does not contain a 'b' key and
 attempting to remove that key throws an exception which bubbles up to a
 generic error message displayed to end users and no chart.
parent fcf0c632
......@@ -87,7 +87,6 @@ class TimeSeries(basechart.BaseChart):
# If there there are more than 20 sensors, hide the legend
if len(sensor_list) > 20:
opt['layout']['showlegend'] = False
del opt['layout']['margin']['b']
opt['layout']['xaxis']['title'] = "Date/Time (%s)" % self.timezone
opt['layout']['xaxis']['type'] = 'date'
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