Commit 5c19b312 authored by Alan Mitchell's avatar Alan Mitchell

Shortened Main Menu titles to better fit.

parent d490bf44
......@@ -38,10 +38,10 @@ BMSAPP_HEADER = 'XYZ Remote Monitoring'
# The third item (optional) is True if this item should be the default index page for
# the application.
BMSAPP_NAV_LINKS = (('Map', 'map'),
('Data Charts and Reports', 'reports', True),
('Graphs/Reports', 'reports', True),
('Custom Reports', 'custom-reports'),
('Training Videos and Project Reports', 'training-anthc'),
('System Administrator', 'admin-reports'),
('Training', 'training-anthc'),
('Sys Admin', 'admin-reports'),
# The number of hours before a sensor is considered to be inactive (not posting data).
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