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Brief description of bmondata library and v2 API in docs.

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API Data Access
New Data Access Approaches
Two new ways to access BMON data were added in August of 2019. First,version 2 of
the HTTP API was developed, adding the ability to request sensor reading data
from multiple sensors at once, and adding the ability to request information about
the buildings and organizations present in the BMON system. Documentation for
the new API has not yet been completed; please contact the developer if you wish
to use the version 2 API.
Next, a Python library has been developed that wraps the version 2 API, simplifying
access to BMON data when using the Python programming language. The "bmondata"
library is available at this
`GitHub repository <>`_ and examples
of usage are
`shown on this page. <>`_
Documentation for the version 1 API is documented on the rest of this page.
API Data Access, version 1
A basic Application Programming Interface is available to read data from
the BMON application. Currently, there are two available API methods, one
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