Commit 7a866357 authored by Alan Mitchell's avatar Alan Mitchell

Added Sensor related to Alerts present.

parent 171e6cdb
......@@ -150,12 +150,65 @@ class BuildingSensorListFilter(admin.SimpleListFilter):
sensor_ids = [ for b_to_s in BldgToSensor.objects.filter(building_id=bldg_pk)]
return queryset.filter(pk__in=sensor_ids)
class SensorAlertExistsListFilter(admin.SimpleListFilter):
'''List Filter used to select sensors that have alerts present.
for info on how this built.
# Human-readable title which will be displayed in the
# right admin sidebar just above the filter options.
# NOTE: the underbar is a function imported from django.utils.translation
title = _('Alerts Present')
# Parameter for the filter that will be used in the URL query.
parameter_name = 'alerts_present'
def lookups(self, request, model_admin):
Returns a list of tuples. The first element in each
tuple is the coded value for the option that will
appear in the URL query. The second element is the
human-readable name for the option that will appear
in the right sidebar.
return (
('active', _('Have Active Alerts')),
('inactive', _('Have Inactive Alerts')),
('none', _('Have No Alerts')),
def queryset(self, request, queryset):
Returns the filtered queryset based on the value
provided in the query string and retrievable via
# get the requested alert presence.
alert_presence = self.value()
if alert_presence is None:
# This case occurs when 'All' is selected
return queryset
elif alert_presence == 'none':
sensor_ids = [ for alert in AlertCondition.objects.all()]
sensor_ids = list(set(sensor_ids))
return queryset.exclude(pk__in=sensor_ids)
elif alert_presence == 'inactive':
sensor_ids = [ for alert in AlertCondition.objects.filter(active=False)]
sensor_ids = list(set(sensor_ids))
return queryset.filter(pk__in=sensor_ids)
elif alert_presence == 'active':
sensor_ids = [ for alert in AlertCondition.objects.filter(active=True)]
sensor_ids = list(set(sensor_ids))
return queryset.filter(pk__in=sensor_ids)
return queryset
class SensorAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
inlines = (BldgToSensorInline2, AlertAdminInline)
search_fields = ['sensor_id', 'title', 'tran_calc_function']
list_filter = ['is_calculated', BuildingSensorListFilter]
list_filter = [BuildingSensorListFilter, SensorAlertExistsListFilter, 'is_calculated']
formfield_overrides = {
models.TextField: {'widget': Textarea(attrs={'rows':6, 'cols':80})},
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