Commit 81f6c1ec authored by Alan Mitchell's avatar Alan Mitchell

Merge branch 'master' into bare-server

parents 2698cb1c 19d7fbee
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ class HourlyProfile(basechart.BaseChart):
a_series = {'x': ['12a', '1a', '2a', '3a', '4a', '5a', '6a', '7a',
'8a', '9a', '10a', '11a', '12p', '1p', '2p', '3p',
'4p', '5p', '6p', '7p', '8p', '9p', '10p', '11p'],
'y': [bmsapp.data_util.round4(df_gp.ix[hr, 'val'])
'y': [bmsapp.data_util.round4(df_gp.loc[hr, 'val'])
if hr in df_gp.index else None for hr in range(24)],
'type': 'scatter',
'mode': 'lines',
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